Rake Masters - Made car worse than it was after service

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shops they would touch the car because its a BMW and didn't have the right tools for it. so I went to my shop Brake Masters where I always take 3 other cars for over five years. they took it I was surprise didn't know they did BMW wish is why i didn't take it in the first place. so the next day they call me say well your Ignition coil is toasted we need new one OK they put it in got a 2ND call well its ready but still missing so i went to pick it up and one of the white shirt guy says well there another tech that wants to give it a shot on fixing it said OK this was on Saturday, Monday I get a call well is still not fixed we think is the computer ??? i wonder how can that be if is the computer i would have been able to drive it there in the first place I call BMW and they agreed with me on that so I pick it up becasue I don't want to spend 500 + $$ on fixing and I feeling some is not right here so I go pick it up the hood was not close all the way get on start it and I notice right away the car is in way worse than when i bring it in so I *** any ways I have to kids with me I don't have time to stay and argue I go not even a mile from the shop and the car starts to miss heavily there is no power at all till it dies on me on a busy street like a mile away it get take back to the shop and the guys say to me so what u want us to do to it??? well fix it he says well we did this we did that I say that don't matter to me what u did is not in a safe condition to drive well if i take the fall and i get a computer and if still the same at that point i felt let down by my shop that i been taking my cars for a long time I told him you know what I bring this car with just a mild missing at low rpm and now it don't run if i bring you a car i want it better or at least the same as when i bring them in but NOT worse I know a little about mechanics so what he was saying did not make sense to me at all which well the Ignition coil is new that's making the computer not work good ??? so they work on it again he tell me am going to put the old part back and u see it be just like you had it so after a while he tell me take it for a spin and you'll see so I don and it was just like the first time I took it from the shop I was lucky I did brake down while testing it like half a block. so the car is in there right now they going to work on it and I have a feeling that the wiring is me st up or a fuse went bad while working on it they mess with the computer why I have no Idea I letting you know this because i was going to make a complaint but the web page say to please complain to you first so I doing that now am not happy with the service it was and it is very unprofessional can you please fix this for me I know its a good company and I never had problems with you ever and I trust BM until now.

Jorge Duran


the cars i take in

1992 BMW 325I

97 Dodge truck 1500

2005 Toyota High lander

2004 Jetta VW

and now maybe 2008 titan Toyota depending on what happens with this BMW

day took the car in 8/6/2011 and still in the shop today ( this is what i wrote to the Brake Masters complain web page but i got a message saying error

Review about: Mechanical Service.

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